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Baby Blanket Super Soft baby swaddle newbron blankets #qiangbao6

US$ 8.69
Stock (All: 997 pcs.)
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Gender: Girl
Insert: Without Insert
Color: Multicolor

Size: 32*50cm
Specification: Double layer, outside--Short velvet, inside--Polyester Sherpa, warm.
For baby form 0 to 6 months
Function: blankets sleeping bags hold to be

personal soft, comfortable, lightweight , breathable, absorbent
function there , especially supple feel , can promote blood circulation,
regulate metabolism baby .

seasons are applicable , the spring and summer when the air
conditioning can blanket , winter baby underneath the body shop is

softness after washing still soft and delicate , especially for baby
skin , easy to breed bacteria mites ! Also can be used to hold .

Super absorbent, breathable absorbent antibacterial, skin-friendly good ; soft touch, good drape , a hundred wash harden.

First, the appearance of light in relaxation , with the amount of good permeability 

Second, soft, gauzy , feel smooth and elastic

Third, wore a strong sense of comfort , very elegant

Fourth, after high temperature shrunk , not deformed and wrinkling

Fifth, good physical properties, high fiber strength , abrasion resistance, durable use


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